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Upgraded rental car and roller skating.

Posted Jan 22 2009 4:34pm

So we just got back from dropping the car off at the body shop and grabbing my rental.  It was a little rough because the kids were obnoxious at the shop then we had to wait forever for the guy to take my keys after Enterprise brought the car over.  I was upgraded to a Nissan Sentra but then the tire pressure light wouldn't turn off then I was upgraded again to a Charger SXT which is cool because I don't have to learn where stuff is since everything but the body style is the same as my Magnum but with way worse gas mileage. 

Tomorrow I'm going to try and make the kids watch some of the Inauguration.  I don't remember there being this much coverage over the other Presidents but then again I didn't start voting until four years ago.  Yes sad I know but when you're young, you're stupid and don't realize the importance.  I figured that if I make them watch a little bit and start talking to them about what's happening in the world that they wouldn't wait so long to vote too.  I figured the more they're educated the more they will want to  learn outside of school.  It's not like I want them to be perfect and have straight A's, but rather have them to want to learn and if their best is B's or whatever I just want them happy and as smart as they want to be.

A girlfriend of mine is coming over tomorrow because I'm trying to get rid of some furniture and she needs some since she's in the process of redecorating so we'll see, plus it'll give the kids someone to play with since she'll be bringing her kids who are the same age as mine.  I probably will take the kids later today up to the park to burn off some energy since it's such a nice day out today.

So I'm turning slowly into a vegetarian which I think will be cool.  Saturday night "The Hubby" and I went to see Defiance (which was a really good movie) and afterwards we all (including the kids) went to Rock Bottom for dinner and I ordered a veggie burger and since I made homemade chili last night it's going to be good.  I went to Allrecipes to find more vegetarian recipes and there are over 300 so I sent myself six to try so I'm going to add a new one every other week.  I don't want to try them all at once because that can get expensive.  I'm not really a fan of red meat so it's not that big of a deal and the kids will still eat meat every once in a while.  I'm not totally giving up meat I mean if I want chicken I'll eat it.  Actually "The Hubby" came up with a good marinade for chicken so I think we're going to make it this week.  What's nice about that recipe (that I don't even know) is that you can make your own vinaigrette and make it into a great salad.  Tonight I think I'm going to make a homemade spaghetti sauce since we're having chili for lunch.

I am going to start taking the kids roller skating again.  I used to take them to roller stroller and "N" loved it and "O" didn't but now they are older they both should like it.  I'm going to see if "The Hubby" will go with us on Saturday afternoon before I have to volunteer, we used to roller skate together just after we were married but stopped since he found it boring.  I think he might like it now that the kids want to do it and it's good exercise and family time.

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