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Posted Mar 05 2008 12:00am

Things are going pretty well around here lately. We had our second trip to the dentist yesterday - everyone looked grrreat! Speech therapy is making a tremendous difference. We just love Nancy so much and even little Libby has opened up to her and tries to repeat just about EVERYTHING she hears. Our Easter Seals Developmentalist (Stacy) and Speech Therapist (Nancy) have teamed up and are working together with the kids every Wednesday morning. Physical Therapy is on the up and up as well. Jenny (our PT) has warned me that she will most likely be graduating Russ in May (when they turn 2) because he is doing so well. Our late walker has REALLY caught up in his motor skills. However, we won't have to say good bye to Jenny too soon because Miss Molly is going to need work on her legs. Can you guess which one is Molly in the banner above? :)

Every day is a new adventure. I often feel more like a referee then a mommy... I'm sure that won't change - EVER! Conor has been traveling a lot for work and that's hard. We sure miss him. For now I'm just working on keeping the kids as busy as possible. We spend EVERY free moment outside in one form or another. They just hate being cooped up in the house. I have a ton of activities on tap for the summer. They are old enough now to go to the gym day care and swim in the kiddy pool. They'll have swim lesson and I'm also looking into play groups and gymnastics... ANYTHING to keep them out of this house! Of course our daily walks have resumed and we are all just loving this pre-springtime weather!

Oh, and the duct tape is working great! Also, the crib situation is at a stand still. The upside down method is still holding up so we haven't had to move forward with our plan. It's nice to know we have one though.

Here's what the kids have been up to..

Russell "The Muscle" McNulty:
I've sort of gotten away from calling him "Bubba" these days. When he was little he was a moose! Now, he's a skinny little muscular man and "Bubba" just doesn't fit. Russ is a BUNDLE of energy and NEVER stops going, unless he needs some LOVE from me. Yep, he's a mamma's boy! He really does give the best hugs and sweetest kisses. The kid eats like a grown man and I have no idea where he puts it all. He must have the worlds fastest metabolism.. what I wouldn't give!! :) He loves picking on his sisters, pulling hair, biting, head butting, running, pulling ANYTHING, moving furniture, climbing ANY structure, bath time, story time, coloring, eating play dough, and long walks on the beach. He's a very BIG helper and loves to assist in the changing of diapers and picking out clothes that look like daddy. His favorite word is "mine" and he is by far the fastest at picking up sign language. His favorite sign is "more" and it ALWAYS relates to food. Today he put on his own clothes ALL BY HIMSELF! I was so proud. He is ALL boy this one.

Ally Boo Boo:
Oh Ally. Ally has so much character it's coming out her ears! She is the most cuddly and loving child. She has a laugh that makes you smile all the way down to your soul. Just looking at her goofy little expressions makes me want to burst with love. She is a total comedian and will do just about anything to make you giggle. She is so darn talented... and can get to the top of just about any piece of furniture, counter, book shelf, and play structure. Seriously, she is freakishly strong and going to be one heck of an athlete! She LOVES to run and play with her siblings and can't wait to pick out a pair of shoes to go outside. She would sit on my lap for hours if we had the time talking about my nose, eyes, ears, hair, earrings, teeth, lips tongue, eye lashes etc. However, her favorite word this week is "owwee." She let's me know the second she has an owee and requests a kiss immediately. She also loves hide and seek, stickers, cookies, ice (to go with the boo boos), and romantic candle lit dinners. Ally is such a gentle soul and is always very in tune to those around her. She get's very upset if one of the other kids get hurt or if anyone (including me) is sad. This little girl brightens my whole life.

Molly Lou Ann:
Molly is me. Yep, I said it. Not only is she the biggest mamma's girl of them all... she is "mini-me" in every way.. looks, attitude you name it. My mom, sister, Conor, and best friend all agree and find it hysterical and freaky all at the same time. Molly's favorite thing to do is imitate anything I do. If I'm in the kitchen cooking, she's in her kitchen cooking. If I'm cleaning the floor, she's pretending to clean the floor. If I'm dressing the other kids, she's trying to dress the other kids. If I'm pulling the wagons, she wants to get out and help pull the other kids in the wagon.. etc. She's also all her own person and I think heading straight to Hollywood. The girl has a flare for the dramatic and can pitch one heck of a tantrum if she doesn't get her way (which is often-I always win). She never goes anywhere without her green knit blanket (muddy or not) and loves jetting away to exotic destinations. She is very bright and is currently ahead in the language game combining 2-3 words at a time and communicating her needs clearly (non stop). This child is gonna be trouble.. I think we're up for the challenge. I sure love seeing her little face and sweet smile. At the end of the day she's just a big cuddle bug.

Little Bitty Libby - "B":
Last but definitely not least is our littlest little. Libby is a FIRE PLUG! She is sweet and darling as can be... just don't make her mad. It's a little bit weird, but she looks and acts more and more like her God Mother, my best friend Katie, everyday. Being little she's learned not only to hoard and guard all of her worldly possessions but also to run at the speed of light if someone comes after one of them. She may be small but man is she fast. Not only is she fast but she is strong and daring. The girl has NO FEAR and is always the first one to try something new. However, when it comes to meeting someone new she is painfully shy. Once she warms up she will love you forever. This week her language has really improved. She's trying so hard to imitate anything you ask her to do. Her two current favorite words are "please," and "that?" She wants to know what everything around her is. I'm so proud of our little bit! Libby has rhythm in her soul and a hippitty hoppitty dance that will make you laugh for a week. I don't think I've ever seen anything cuter. In addition to dancing she loves animals, animals, animals, we refer to her as Dr. Doolittle. Surprisingly she's also my best and biggest eater of the girls. Talk about a metabolism!!! Libby can not only put away her entire dinner but also the leftovers of the others and still have room for more. She also loves dessert and heart shaped boxes of chocolate. Libby is so precious, loving, and entertaining. She also wins the award for best booger kisses! Life would be so boring without our little B!

That's it for now! Thanks for stopping by and sharing your lives with us!


-Gen :)

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