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Posted Feb 01 2013 9:28pm
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I had an appointment with my primary midwife this week and everything looks fantastic. I'm right on track with my weight gain (22 lbs as of my appt, which means I'm down a pound from just a few days ago, but my weight tends to fluctuate by a pound or two depending on how well I've been eating and how active I've been), my belly is measuring right where it should be (32 cms at 31.5 weeks) my blood sugar levels look great, Harrison is head-down and his heartbeat was 148. My blood pressure was a little on the low side, but nothing for concern.

My midwife knows I've been nervous about Harrison flipping or being breech, but she said that he was definitely head-down at my visit and that because he's my third, he still has lots of room to move around. She said she doesn't worry about the baby's position until delivery day because the baby can keep flipping up until that time. It was really reassuring to hear he's head-down and to put my mind at ease, she had me reach down and mapped out his exact position for Ry and I. We got to feel where his little head was down in my pelvis and it was the coolest feeling ever!

She spoke to the high risk OB and because my blood sugar logs have looked good and I have had no other risk factors from the GD, I won't need twice weekly NST's or bi-weekly BPP's, but they do still want me to keep my upcoming growth scan appointment. If my weight gain was out of control, my blood sugar numbers too high or my belly was measuring way too far ahead, then we'd have a need for the extra monitoring, but for now I'm right where I should be with everything, which is great news. Because of the GD, I will probably have one last growth scan right around 37 weeks and if I don't go into labor before 39 weeks, then I'll have my membranes stripped at 39 weeks. They don't want me to go past my due date because of the GD, so I don't have an issue with having my membranes stripped. We did it at 39 weeks with Marija and she was born less than 10 hours later, so I'll take it!

I am working on my birth plan, which will look a lot like it did with Marija, but I am tweaking a few things, mainly the vaccinations. I have been doing a ton of research about vaccinations lately and some things have me spooked enough to consider following a much more delayed schedule than we have up to this point with Franky and Marija. For the first 2.5 years with Franky, we vaccinated right on schedule, with Marija we delayed them a little bit so she was still getting them on time, but not so many all at once. With Harrison, I am thinking we will delay and space them out a lot more. If we weren't around so many kids so often, I would probably seriously consider not vaccinating at all, but my kids are around kids sometimes on a daily basis. They have lots of family members on both sides around their ages as well as lots of weekly activities, including karate, playdates and a bunch of birthday parties lately. I am no stranger to how quickly kids pass things around, so at this point in their lives, I think it'd be foolish not to vaccinate them. I hate knowing that they get pumped with so many different things but at the same time, I'd hate for them to get something and have something terrible happen knowing how easily it could have been prevented.

I'm thankful Harrison will be born right at the beginning of Spring, when hopefully the nastiest of the flu strains and other bugs have passed and he's less likely to catch anything like that. I plan to be just as psychotically overprotective with him as I was with Franky and Marija and ask visitors to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer before they hold him and that if anyone is sick, to keep a safe distance from him. Truthfully, I will probably do a lot of hibernating the first few weeks, similar to how I did with Franky and Marija. The first few weeks are so amazing and precious and I loved holing up with Franky and Marija when they were brand new.

I remember biting off more than I was ready to chew the day after Marija came home and being really overwhelmed by unnecessary stress and swearing that I wouldn't put myself in a situation like that again. I think sometimes even good intentions can go awry, so I know what to do differently this time around. I am extra thankful that we're with my in-laws right now because I know it will especially be a Godsend once Harrison is here and we have visitors. My in-law's know me really well and understand when I need to just be a hermit for a day. I seriously couldn't have been gotten more lucky with the second set of parents I was blessed with when I married my husband.

Being the first of February, it hit me this morning that Harrison will be born next month if I don't go past my due date. So crazy! 
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