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Posted Oct 14 2009 10:03pm
A few weeks ago, I wrote about a bad day. Luke didn't listen that day. He was mean to his brother, he kept taking off his shoes, and leaving the trail. We were at an arboretum, and he pulled leaves off of all the trees, and I kept saying, NO, no, we're here to enjoy nature, not destroy it. Okay, actually what I probably said was, AHH STOP IT PLEASE LISTEN WHERE'S MY MARGARITA!?

Last night, I looked back at the photos of that day... and I can't remember why it was bad. I mean, I can remember, but I just can't remember that it was as bad as I thought it was. Because what I see are two sweet boys enjoying the sunshine and the air that is no longer warm enough to enjoy without jackets.

Two sweet boys giving nose kisses

Blowing raspberries

And radiating light

As parents, Shane and I are pretty middle of the road. We're fairly strict about bedtime and naptime and lunchtime, but if something occurs that throws us off schedule, we go with it. I don't understand why I couldn't go with it that day, but I've learned from it. I've learned that the best days are what we make of it, and maybe Luke's best day that day didn't involve hiking. Maybe it involved sitting in the grass with his shoes off for hours, instead of for only minutes, and maybe I should have let him. Next time I will. Next time, I'll take my shoes off, too.
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