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Uneducated Mosquitoes

Posted Sep 12 2008 11:09am

My son just had his bath but still had mosquitoes biting him. This is his logic:

DS: Mommy, you know why the mosquitoes are biting me?
Mommy: Why?
DS: Because they THINK I am dirty but I am clean.
Mommy: Yeah, dumb mosquitoes. Don't know how to tell the difference between clean and dirty.
DS: Yes, I must give them work to do. (Meaning they have to study). They have to circle which one is dirty and which one is clean. When they get it right, I will give them a sticker. (The work my son does usually involves circling the correct answer. He gets stickers when the work is completed).
Mommy: So you are going to be their teacher.
DS: Yes, they musn't play.


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