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Under my dead body

Posted Sep 27 2012 7:00am

Am I the only person left in America who still has a home phone? And is under the age of 70? Granted, mine is cordless and not even remotely similiar to this old rotary one, but it still seems archaic in a lot of ways. Almost none of my friends have  home phones anymore, except for Cortney , an old soul like me, who just GOT one after not having one for forever.

I love my home phone. Well, not when it rings. I hate it when it rings. Because really it’s only telemarketers (The “Do not call” list? Should be called the “does not work” list!) or campaigners that call it and it’s annoying.  BUT I love the security it provides.  Like…if I didn’t have a home phone, how would I ever call my cell phone in order to find it when I’ve misplaced it? My faithful home phone is there when I need it. It’s always there, on the charger, with its multiple handsets, ready to be called into active duty when my cell phone battery dies.  Or, let’s say Joshua needs to call 9-1-1 because I’ve fallen down the basement steps and my cell phone is stuck under my dead body?  Good thing we have a HOME PHONE, one that he doesn’t have to pry from under his mother’s girth, unlock or find the keypad on to operate!


Last week, Joshua wanted to call his BFF and talk about Pokemon cards. Do you think he’s gonna be doing that with my iPhone? UM, no. Here’s the home phone, buddy! You and Pikachu have a blast!

I love my home phone. I don’t love paying for it but I sure do enjoy it’s security blanket-esque qualities. What say you? Are you an “E.T. Home Phone” fan like me, or did you kick yours to the curb long ago? Why or why not?

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