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Posted Jan 07 2009 3:18pm

SOOOO much is on my heart right now, and I’ve started a dozen posts in my head between yesterday and tonight… so i just have to start writing or I’m not going to.  Do you think I could say “gonna” instead of “going to?”  I usually use all sorts of ridiculous grammar and vocabulary at home as a joke. And lately I’ve realized that it has become a way of existing - this grammar-less, makin’up-words-and-cutting-off-the-ends-of-others speech pattern.  I wonder if my children will actually think that they should talk like this?  Why exactly DO I talk like this anyway?  This is thought number 1.

#2, I have to tell you about this site!  Let me find the link…..





I have to

DRAG myself back here because

the possibilities are just limitless!

The lists, the projects, the maps, calendars, and lists!  And more lists!  It’s truly heaaaaahven. (Refer to thought #1)

And I’ve been busy lately too!  I love the work that I do with Heather at Desperately Seeking Wordpress, and I’ve started to manage our work load and answer inquiries there too!  And I got to work on fixing up these blogs yesterday:



and here:


Gosh, darn.  I only went to find a pic of that blog, and an hour later here we are.  Once I go to My Charming Kids I just can’t leave without reading the latest in her life!  her writing and her faith and her life just SUCK me right in!  Like a vacuum.  She just got out of the hospital with an infant who nearly died with respiratory distress, while her other 3 children UNDER 5 Yrs old were at home with someone else!  It is incredible that she can still remain serene!  Her faith sometimes makes me wanna slap her upside the head.  And tonight?  I just want to follow her around with a notebook and pen.  (It just occurred to me that neither of those sound particularly sane…)

And did you know that I haven’t had my eyebrows waxed in WAAAAY too long?  I’m growing the amazon ppl.  OH!  And speaking of the Amazon, I shaved today.  And being the cheap frugal shopper that I am, it actually occurred to me (true story) to buy the disposable razors because they look the same as the regular ones.  And I actually did.  Stop laughing.  It gets better.  I bought the disposable ones, and not the nicest disposable ones I could find either, because if I was going for disposable, why would I pay so much?  I might as well go for the cheap inexpensive ones.  So let’s re-cap, shall we?  Not only did I buy disposable razors, I bought CHEAP inexpensive disposable ones. So not only are my legs still amazon-y, ( Again Cathy! What’s with the make believe words…And for that matter, the speaking to yourself…) they’re now UN-pretty and amazon-y.  (Oh I give up.  You’re stuck with my word-ishues.) So anyway…  I hope the bleeding stops before bedtime.

And there’s something I’ve been wanting to post since I got a blog over a year ago… but I didn’t know if I should.  I still - should I?  Shouldn’t I?  No one will be hurt / embarrassed/ ridiculed.  Well.  Hopefully not.  Yup.  I decided. Come back tomorrow for “Works for me Wednesday!”

Have I mentioned how sleep deprived I am right now?  No?  Huh.

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