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U.S. dinnertime poll and childhood obesity

Posted Dec 02 2009 12:00am

Last month, November 2009, a great article encouraging dinnertime as family time was published in The Salt Lake Tribune. An Associated Press iVillage poll of families was taken; the results are very interesting...

60% of the families surveyed eat together at least 5 days per week

For the vast majority of these families, home-cooked meals and hand-me-down recipes topped the charts for menu selection -- even more than recipes obtained from TV shoes, newspaper, or online sites.

Families living in cities are less likely to eat with their own families compared wit those living in rural and suburban areas.

Click here to see the article and more statistics and poll results.

' "It's a lot cheaper and a lot healthier to eat at home," said Maria Lichty, who is a certified health educator. She said parents who serve dinner at home find it easier to get children to eat vegetables and understand proper portion sizes.' (A key component in the fight against childhood obesity).

Another important point was brought to light... the importance of indeed making dinner time family time -- turning off the TV, and cell phones and giving your full focus to your kids, your spouse, and anyone else fortunate enough to share in this precious time with you and yours.

Picture by Anetta, PhotoXpress

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