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Two Month Stats & a Bath

Posted Sep 17 2009 4:47pm
Wyatt had his Two Month check up today. He weighs 13 lbs 1 oz and is 24 inches long. The 90th percentile for both weight and height.

His head circumference is 40 cm - which is 4 cm bigger than when he was born. He is starting to smile at us as well as "talk" and coo. He's nursing like a champ and sleeping pretty well. He goes down for naps without any work - just lay him in his crib when he is tired. I give him his last feeding about 10:30pm and then he'll usually go until about 4-4:30am before waking up again.

I've been telling everyone that HE has been the easiest part of having 3 kids. It's still doing everything else that is taking some time to get used to!

Part of Wyatt's bedtime routine is a bath every night. It's usually on the kitchen counter in his infant tub. But last week, the girls were bathing at the same time, so I decided to let him take a "Big Boy Bath!" This truly made me feel like a 3rd time mom. I don't think Megan took a bath in the real bathtub until she was like 8 months old!! And here was Wyatt, 8 weeks old, in the big bathtub playing with his sisters. Too cute not to snap some pics.
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