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Twin Pregnancy Is Not Dignified

Posted Aug 26 2008 11:24pm

So in one week from today I will see if the babies are growing well enough. And, of course, I will keep you posted. For right now, I'm experiencing the normal 8th month pregnancy indignities; peeing when I sneeze, waddling, and a hemmie the size of Manhattan. You're welcome for the visual.

Sadly, I realize this is the easy part. Having one child tends to make a person more realistic about the first few months of the next new baby let alone next two babies. I'm just trying to enjoy my final weeks with my daughter being my one and only. Sometimes I just look at her and want to cry that she'll no longer be the center of the universe. Damn it, she deserves to be. But, then again, she's got school and her little friends and her Hello Kitty backpack. The chick has her own little world going on. I mean, she's about to be three-years-old after all. She's probably skipped out of preschool and is applying for emancipated minor status as I ignorantly write this.

So no other twins news. Sorry. I'm off to drink a Carnation Instant Breakfast drink.

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