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Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn- Part 1 Review

Posted Nov 27 2011 7:16pm

As mentioned, the first time I saw the  Twilight Saga was only a few months ago.. during the time that Twilight is making a scene on the movie world, I was like lost in my own world. I was never curious of it or it must be because it is everywhere..and I am not a type of person who gives in to a hype that easily.

We had Twilight Saga marathon for two days and waited impatiently for Breaking Dawn..last Saturday, we finally saw Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn . So here’s a short review without spoilers, I promise.

Breaking Dawn-Part 1 is the fourth movie installment of the Twilight Saga. This part focused on Edward and Bella’s life as husband and wife and also focuses on Bella’s pregnancy. The main characters involved on this part is Bella, Edward and Jake. Edward’s family is still present and also plays important roles where as Bella’s side where only seen once or thrice.

I already mentioned how I find this movie very sappy but I still liked it and in fact would not mind watching it again. I cannot compare it to the book since I haven’t read any of it yet, but as Ane pointed out, this is by far the closest to the book. I cannot also compare it to the other movies as I have not seen it in cinema unlike this one. So I will just make a review without comparison.

Let’s start it with the characters, I really love how Bella was made of during the movie, her emotions/ state of mind (as well as state of health) can clearly be seen just by looking at her eye bugs er I mean face. Her wedding jitters reaction during the walk in the aisle scene is just perfect. And her gown was done in a very good taste (it was not shown on the trailer so you have to watch the movie to see it).. her send out dress is really sexy and made her look like a lady, a contrast to what she use to wear, jeans and shirt.

Edward, on the other hand, looks a bit out of character in some of the scenes. OK, I am so into Edward’s being an old fashion, seeing him in a very relaxed outfit does not seems right for me. Still, his attitude is still the same, always looking after Bella’s welfare. Jake, hmm there is not much to tell him except that he is looking hotter more than ever.

My favorite scenes comes from their Honeymoon and Jake’s imprinting to Bella’s daughter. Honestly, I cried on that scene, it transcends beyond romance.. the scene is very heartwarming. I also love the part where Edward finally accepted their baby and that scene was worth mentioning, makes them look like a real happy family. There are parts of the movie where I cannot help but laugh, the wedding scene, specially the father of the bride speech is really cool. But even though there are parts that I really like, there is one scene that is worth the cringe, the EJ scene.. that’s like, ewe! hahaha

The soundtrack was not that exceptional since I can’t even remember a song from the movie..and because I am quite a fan of overly dramatic* cinematography, I love how it was filmed. There is not a part of the movie that I find boring, in fact I was surprised when it ends (with Bella opening her red eyes).

Overall, I give this movie a 9.. less 1 because it made me spend my whole Sunday reading about Twilight.


Overly dramatic is how I categorized cinematography that focuses on small details and emotions. 

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