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Twenty-Four Hours, More or Less

Posted Mar 15 2013 12:00am

I'm going to chronicle the next 24 hours - what I'll do is keep adding to this post. It will either be wildly scintillating or the most boring piece of drivel live on the Internets. We shall see....

5:30 - first alarm goes off. Many, many curse words are said, thought, uttered and finally moaned.

5:47 - I actually pull myself from the bed. Bathroom ablutions completed, I power on the Kuerig and then steel myself to awaken the shorties. It's a messy, convoluted and aggravating 4 times around routine.

6:30 - Eat your breakfast. Take your medicine. Change those pants, they are too tight. Eat. Stop staring into space. Stop bugging your sister. EAT. Do you have a snack? Is your soccer bag packed (yes, I've got someone starting soccer AGAIN). EAT. Transfer the wash. Unload the dishwasher. Pack lunches and snacks and remind people that brushing your teeth, applying deodorant and brushing your hair, not to mention washing your face, are all mandatory public service options and you need to exercise them.

7:30 - Driving to school, where the topics du jour include homelessness and how it can affect entire families and why people are homeless (we worked at the local soup kitchen last night - the three youngest and me and we all want to go again), Irish penny whistles and bodhrans, how space stations function, what needs to go on the grocery list, why tongue twisters exist, and how batteries work.

9:00 - arrive for hair appointment. Discuss how unhappy I am with the current state of my hair. Make changes and sit under the dryer for untold amounts of time. I am glad I brought my computer so I can work and feel a sense of accomplishment. Work on a post for a really awesome giveaway. 

11:30 actually REMEMBER to get my kids from early dismissal - I live in fear that I will forget early dismissal day.

12:00 continue my work day. :)

work and work and work and work and then work some more.

Interspersed in there would be a couple of unbloggable things that I can't go into but they caused a lot of turmoil and conversation.

I super hate it when people are vague. I'm so busy! So incredibly busy! Much too busy for you! And my life is SO HARD. That's not the case, but these situations involve other people and they aren't my own. But, dude - they made for a long day.

5:57 make sure the shorties ate dinner, changed their clothes and had shoes on in time to leave.

6:30 take my kids to stations of the cross. The youngest three served.

7:45 run in to Michaels for two picture frames.

8:00 stop at Chipotle for dinner for me and Mackenzie - after the day I had, there's no way in the world I was going to cook.

8:30 eat like a condemned man. Toss dishes into the dishwasher. Gently encourage, cajole and manipulate children into their soft, warm comfy beds. Wipe the counters down. Give a silent cheer that there is no lunch packing needed.

9:00 work an hour. Eat the rest of a piece of my son's girlfriend's birthday cake. Cry because it's all gone.

10:00 I PLAN to be in the bed, asleep. Best laid plans, and all that.Tomorrow I am run/walking in a St Patrick's day 8 k, so I need to get me some beauty rest.

What did I *want* to do and not get to? Paying bills. Buying groceries. Finding sneakers for one kid. Visit the ABC store. These are all things for tomorrow, I guess.

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