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Turtle Man, human howling and I’m missin’ my girl

Posted Jul 20 2012 4:42pm

Sophie has been with my Mom since last Sunday and boy am I missing her. It is so quiet around this house without her and I’m not sure Mitchell knows what to do without anyone around to boss him around every four minutes of the day. Ha! I pass by her room and it feels so empty. I can only imagine what it will be like when she goes off to college. I feel like an empty nester and it’s only been a week. I’m going to be a mess  when she and Mitchell leave home. Of course I like Mitchell’s plan he informed me of a few years ago: “Mom, we’ll just be adding to our family when I get married and we’ll live in the guest bedroom.” I thought he was kidding but he wasn’t. I shocked myself when I told him that’s not the way God designed it. I sort of wanted to let him think it could be that way for a half a second.

But having Sophie in Atlanta this week has been really good for Mitchell in some ways. He and I have been able to spend some time together – like watching Turtle Man and Animal Planet and building spinning tops out of Legos. Seriously, this is really lame but I was wondering the other day what famous person Mitchell would like to meet if he could meet anyone. I was watching a Make a Wish Foundation commercial and I wondered who Mitchell would pick and immediately I knew who it would be. Of all the people Mitchell could meet: President, Famous Athletes, GA bulldog coach, etc… would be Turtle Man! How redneck is that?!?!?! He wants him to come to our house so bad that I seriously think he prays for an infestation of snakes. Sheesh!

But another great thing that has happened this week with just Mitchell and I being here is that we’ve been training and bonding with Dooley, our new puppy. We’ve been at home all week long and I’m about to go stir crazy but we knew this would be part of getting a puppy. Dooley absolutely loves Mitchell. She pounces on him and runs around his head and bites his hair. It’s so cute. I know we’re probably not supposed to let her bite his hair but it cracks me up that I haven’t made her stop yet. This morning the three of us sat on the couch and had so much fun with the Doole’s – have ya’ll seen that America's Funniest Video clip where the dog howls “I love you”? It’s really funny because the dog really is saying it and so I was being a dork and trying to get Dooley to say it while she was all up in my face. So I did the dog howling voice and guess what?! she totally starting howling back at me. It was a riot. We had this howl thing going on for about 45 seconds. Hers never really sounded anything like “I Love You” but it was still really funny. And then she quit and she hasn’t done it since which makes me look like a total idiot when I do my part.  At first we thought it was this really cool bonding moment because it was too cute to think any differently. But then we pretty much ended up concluding she was just totally freaked out at her human howling like a dog in a high pitched alien-ish sounding voice. Oh well, there’s still hope that she’ll bark “I love you” one day. Ha! Ha! I will say this for sure, she has melted our hearts in a puddle of mush. We love this little thing to pieces. She is such a doll baby. And Sophie will be smitten. We haven’t told her yet that Dooley is now at home but she has already seen her twice at the breeder’s home and fell in love with her. Dooley took to Sophie immediately and stood right at her feet when we first met her at about 7 weeks old.  I will bring Dooley with me when I meet my Mom half way to pick up Sophie next week. She’ll be so excited to get to hold her for the three hour drive back.

Well, that’s the news in our neck of the woods.

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

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