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Turkeys, Chickens and the Flood or Hey Look It's an Update!

Posted Apr 11 2009 12:47am

It's like even though we don't live in the flood plain someone thinks it's funny to still mess with us.

It got a little quiet around here not because we were off sandbagging and protecting our things. No. Instead it seems that someone who shall remain nameless left a cup of coffee near the computer and a toddler who shall remain nameless as well "accidentally" spilled said cup of coffee all over the wireless keyboard while surprisingly no one was looking.

(The Toddler who is still remaining nameless to protect her identity)

The accident was discovered during nap time when mysteriously only the "w" and "q" keys still worked and upon flipping the keyboard over a brownish white liquid flowed out all over my pants leg revealing that my coffee was not only misplaced hours earlier it was also part of the coup to limit my Internet usage.

Luckily 2 days into the no Internet withdrawal I was suffering from my brain kicked in and remembered that we own a know, the same one I do all of my work from. Sometimes my stupidity astounds me.

So, now, I can update you on the flood.

It seems that this flood was mild compared the big one in 2006 but I am sure things were lost just the same. I mean what difference does a few feet make when things are sitting on the floor of a garage? Oh, right, nothing.

So, like many cities across the country who sit in natural disaster paths the town is busy cleaning up and contemplating the rebuild of things that were lost. And since I don't watch the news I really have no idea how bad the damage actually is. But, the schools were only closed 1 day in my area which if that is any indication of the state of the city then I'd say our little town fared okay.

While we had no Internet we got creative. Silly concept I know.

Instead of consuming gross amounts of candy for weeks after Halloween I decided to follow Secret Agent Josephine's advice and make a Turkey Pinata as a Centerpiece for Thanksgiving.

Being the heartwarming sister that I am, I figured this way my kids could share all of their candy AND cavities with their cousins. And, that's when I look at my oldest brother and say, "Now, don't say I never gave you nothing!"

I present our Centerpiece...days in the making!

Now that it's complete, we won't be whacking him.

We spent far too much time on him.

I will, however, still give my brother's spawn lots and lots of candy that sits inside the faux poultry, you know, because not eating it would be wasteful.
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