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TrueCare Introduces Social Media Monitoring Service for Parents

Posted Dec 08 2010 6:35pm

TrueCare Introduces Social Media Monitoring Service for Parents

New service to help parents effectively monitor their child’s online social networking activity

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, (November 30, 2010) – TrueCare LLC, a provider of Internet monitoring services for parents, announces an innovative social media monitoring service that automatically tracks a child’s use of today’s most popular social networking sites including Facebook, MySpace and Twitter for inappropriate content. TrueCare monitors a child’s pages 24/7 and notifies parents with real-time alerts anytime questionable content is found, via an email containing the full content and context of the post, plus a link to the page if parents want to investigate further.

TrueCare monitors a child’s social media activity no matter where they access the Internet from; home, a friend’s house, school or even their cell phone. TrueCare features a range of user-focused security options including searching the child’s social media accounts for keywords that may indicate potentially dangerous posts from a customizable database of more than 500+ key terms, with categories including: Sex, Depression, Bullying, Suicide, Drugs, Alcohol and Racism.

“Online privacy and protection from the dangers associated with online social networking is a fairly new issue and only now are parents starting to understand it. With nearly 90% of children from the age of 10 and up communicating online via social networking sites, it’s difficult to keep up with who your child is interacting with on these sites,” remarks David Barker, Product Manager for TrueCare. “As parents we need to quickly understand that our children can be in danger from cyber bullies and online predators even within the comfort of their home.”

TrueCare is a subscription-based monitoring service and is available exclusively through the company’s website Cost for the service is $9.99 a month and features include:

* Fully customizable reports to evaluate a child’s social networking activities
* One-click access in locating registered sex offenders in the users area
* Determining who a child’s online friends are with the Friends Network and Investigate Friend tools
* Easy access to news articles & resources to educate parents and children on Internet safety, its risks and more
* An online reference dictionary of hundreds of commonly used terms, slang and acronyms

“By utilizing TrueCare monitoring service, parents can know their children’s social media activities are under continuous scrutiny,” states Barker. “TrueCare gives parents the confidence of knowing they’re actively working to educate and protect their children against the online dangers of predators, cyber bullying and potentially harmful posts which could damage their reputation.”

About TrueCare

TrueCare developed this best-of-breed service, in conjunction with parents as a way to effectively monitor their child’s online social networking activity without invading their child’s privacy. TrueCare helps parents identify potential online dangers and keep an open dialog with their children about their online safety. For more information please contact TrueCare at 1-877-368-6390 or visit them online at

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