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Tropical Traditions Organic Raw Honey *Giveaway*

Posted Aug 11 2010 6:34pm
Most of my life I never really thought about honey or where it came from... I just knew I liked it on toast and in tea! When we lived in Saskatchewan I discovered that there is a HUGE difference in types of honey and I learned that raw honey is absolutely, hands down, the tastiest honey ever. Folks in our church would bring us tubs of it that the bees on their farm had created. Delicious. Our town mascot was a huge bee and even had the word "honey" on its welcome to town sign. According to Wikipedia we lived in the honey capital of Saskatchewan! Are you impressed?

We have since moved away from the honey-making mecca of Saskatchewan and I have missed it! So when I was given the chance to review Tropical Traditions Organic Raw Honey I was more than happy to do so. Yum.

Here is some information I took from
A Raw Product from the Wilderness
Tropical Traditions Organic Raw Honey comes from the frontier areas of Canada, and is only harvested during a 6-week period in the summer. Tropical Traditions is the exclusive source of this premium organic honey in the U.S. Most commercial honeys available on the market today come from bee farms, where the bees are controlled within a certain area and get their pollen from usually only one kind of flower. Many of the plants that produce these flowers (clover, orange blossom, etc.) are grown with pesticides and fertilizers as well. In addition, almost all honeys on the market are pasteurized in high heat and filtered, removing many of the beneficial nutrients and enzymes.
Tropical Traditions Organic Raw Honey has not been subjected to the heat of processing, only warmed enough to flow (same temperatures the honey would see inside the hive). We select only premium honey that is pure, smooth and creamy, with the consistency of soft margarine at harvest. It contains live yeast and enzymes, because it has not been processed. It also contains pollen because it has not been filtered—merely screened.
Fine textured crystals are characteristic of totally pure, unheated, unprocessed, raw honey. Properly crystallized honey has a fine, smooth texture. Crystallized honey preserves natural goodness and doesn’t drip. The more rapidly honey crystallizes the finer the texture will be. It will also turn harder over time as it crystallizes. Truly raw honeys do not deteriorate with age, but like fine wines, continue to age and develop into more complex tastes.

I must admit that I got a HUGE kick out of the phrase "comes from the frontier areas of Canada"... frontier areas? *giggle*snort*guffaw*

I had no idea we lived in the frontier areas of Canada. Good to know ;)

Anyway, the honey is absolutely divine. It is smooth and delicious and equal to the honey we used to get straight off the farm. I love it. My whole family loves it.

My husband made the most delicious honey mustard sauce and homemade chicken strips and it tasted like a gourmet meal. It is delicious on toast, with peanut butter, in tea... it is all around tasty. And it is even better knowing it is pure and organic.

And of course it is Canadian which makes it even cooler. And from the wilderness frontier areas. (bwahahahaha!).

Thanks so much to Tropical Traditions for sending me some of this delicious honey to try and for sponsoring this giveaway.

Would you like to win some Tropical Traditions Organic Raw Honey?

 Just tell me if you have ever tried raw honey before or not! 
And those of you from the USA- tell me honestly- does it make it sound cooler to know it is from the "wilderness frontier areas of Canada"? :)

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This giveaway is open to readers in Canada and the USA.  I will choose a winner on August 27, 2010.
Winner will be chosen with and notified by email. Winner will have 48 hours to reply to my email or I will choose a new winner.
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