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Trivial Post Tuesday

Posted Jun 13 2009 12:25am
Just trying to catch up on a few random posts today!

Melanie tagged me (quite awhile back!) for a flashback meme. Think back on the last 15 years of your life. What would you tell someone that you hadn’t seen or talked to for 15 years? How would you sum up your life? You get 10 bullet points. A list of 10 things to summarize about you.

15 years ago was 1993 and I was 20 years in 15 years...
- In 1996 I got married and moved to Colorado from Maryland
- I realized it was a mistake and we divorced
- While living in CO I had the opportunity to be an escort for Tommy Lasorda
- I attended two "all-years" high school reunions (for Zweibrucken High School) in Orlando (1998) and Las Vegas (2000)
- In 2000 I took a chance on love again and married a guy I knew from high school
- With this marriage I relocated to NM
- We took a cruise for our one year anniversary (first cruise for both of us and we want to go again!)
- In 2003 I had our first child, a girl, I always wanted a girl!
- In 2007 we went through our first deployment experience
- In 2008 our second child, a boy, was born

If you do this one let me know so I can read about the last 15 years of your life summed up in 10 bullet points!

I was also tagged, 3x, for 6 things about me, but now I don't remember by whom...sorry!
1. I sometimes talk out loud to myself- even out in public. If I'm by myself in a store looking for something I'll mumble to myself.
2. I prefer the quiteness of staying home and reading a good book then being out and about.
3. My taste buds have changed. I never used to put pepper on anything I ate, but now I sprinkle it on a lot of things.
4. I don't eat peppers though.
5. I like chocolate, but I don't prefer chocolate ice cream or cake.
6. I have a bowl of cereal just about every morning, except on Sundays when Joe makes breakfast.

Alisha gave me this award
Killlashandra gave me the "thrifty blog award" because of my Friday Freebie posts.
Cuddle Cottage gave me this award:

Thank you ladies for thinking of me! And if Lucas would give me more than 5 minutes I might have time to sit here and link to other bloggers and pass these on! But he won't - we're going through some separation anxiety already! Geesh! If he spies me in a room, even if he's been perfectly content playing, he'll crawl right over to me and demand to be picked up.

And how can I resist this cute face? Snotty nose and all!

I can't leave him alone for a second, he's pulling up on things now, but doesn't have the balance/coordination to get down yet...little stinker!

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