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Trim the Tree, Trim Your Cell Phone Bill

Posted Dec 12 2008 1:20pm

Yes, we are spending less on gifts this holiday season and yes, it is probably a good thing. What it is forcing us to do is really hone in on what our individuals in our family need more than what they want. That certainly doesn’t mean we are buying each other pens and reams of paper but it does mean we are trying to focus on the habits and lifestyle of each member in the family and trying to figure out how to make their day a little better without breaking the bank.

At the same time, I am laser focused on whatever I can do to reduce my family’s monthly costs, and that translates to reducing the bills, as much as I can. One of the areas I found room for improvement is looking for the best cell phone plan deals. Cell phone deals are out there more than ever. My goal is to find a new plan that reduces my monthly bill by as much as $50 a month (we’ll see), that is a annual savings of $600!

Aside from the service savings, I am hoping to score a free cell phone or two, as well. You know something to fill the stockings with. What I use right now is nothing special, it’s a bottom of the line Samsung that has been dropped into the toilet a few times (I know, I know. I will share with you in another post how to revive and disinfect electronics on another post), so needless to say, I am due for a new phone.

The att cell phones strike me as plain vanilla and T-mobile is pretty weak where I live (much stronger in East Coast locations, like NYC). But what I am trying to focus on is the plan we’ll be stuck with, the phone is the carrot at the end of the stick, in many ways. I realize that is the case, but I’m still jonz’ing for a new BlackBerry phones.

We are always trying to squeeze more out of our service plan, but with our contract running up soon, it may be time to switch. We currently have a Verizon plan, and although the relationship with them has been sorted at best, but the verizon cell phones have been tireless workhorses. Regardless of my cell phone predicament, I wanted kto give you all the heads up on a site, BestInCellPhones.Com, that is a good place to start you’re search for a new phone or a new plan.

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