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Treated, not Treated

Posted Apr 01 2009 2:52pm
You guys I've caught the gardening bug.

I think it may be the fact that I have been doped up on Benadryl for days and the hangover is causing me to be delusional about weeding and all the actual work involved in gardening.

But, whatever. I'm totally doing it. Where doing it is defined as enrolling my husband to do most of the heavy lifting. Where heavy lifting is defined as the majority of the work.

(Wow, can you see how this post is putting me in the running for Most Wonderful Wife of the Year?)

But being the awesome wife that I am, I offered to actually get the materials from the Home Depot today - such a giver.

My mother in law as my witness the following conversation actually occurred between my husband and I regarding the supplies.

"Okay, you need to get 8 - 8 foot posts and 25 - 1 by 6 boards."

"What kind of boards?"

"The same boards that I used to make the benches outside."

"Yes, but what are those called?"


"So I need to get treated boards?"

"No. Not treated."

"Then what kind?"

"Red ones like outside."

"Yes, you said that. But, what are those called? I need to know the name. When I get in the aisle and everything looks the same I need a point of reference. You know, so when I seek help because lord knows I'll need help I'll need an actual name so the guy at Home Depot can actually try and help me."

"They are treated."

"Okay, so I need treated 8 - 8 foot posts and 25 1 by 6's?"

"No. Not treated. Well....treated but not treated. Just nice posts."

"Okay, so when I seek help I need to ask for treated not treated posts?"

"No...well, yes."

"So just ask the guy for treated not treated posts and you swear he won't look at me like I have a third eye?"

"Yes, but what I mean is you need the same kind I used for the benches. And those aren't treated but they are red."

"So, I need red boards?"


"So I need red boards that aren't treated."

"Yes, exactly."

Apparently, neither of us could actually think of the word stained.

I even have proof of the conversation!

Captions from top to bottom read (Click to enlarge)[Croutons taste better spelled wrong! And also, form the basis of my daughter's diet!]
[The Shed]
[Scientific calculations!]
[Make sure not to spend too much!]
[Trying to make me fail by changing the quantity!]
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