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Travel Focus: the Holy Land

Posted Jul 30 2012 9:30am
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Who isn’t fascinated with visiting the Holy Land ? History would tell us that both Christians and Muslims would love to go there. Both look forward to go on a pilgrimage tour there, but with a different focus.
For Christians, the desire to go there is primarily motivated by the desire to walk on the places where Jesus Christ and other Biblical characters or saints have walked on. These would include: Golgotha (or Calvary), the city of Bethlehem, Sea of Galilee, Mount Tabor (the site of the Transfiguration of Jesus), Jacob’s well in Nablus (said to be the site where Jesus had an encounter with a Samaritan woman). These are just but part of a list. As for Muslims, Jerusalem (along with Mecca and Medina ) is considered a holy site in Sunni Islamic tradition. According to Islamic traditions, their prophets are associated with Jerusalem including Muhammad, the Islamic prophet.
One good news about going on a tour to the Holy Land these days is that travellers there can now have the option of staying in  Luxury Apartments Tel aviv . This is especially great for families and even couples travelling there together for the first time.
If you wish to check out more information about these  Tel Aviv luxury apartments  available in the Holy Land , one can also do online. While there are also hotels to choose from, you may just opt for the more familiar feeling of having your own apartment while touring the place. It’s like having a home away from home.
So if you’re up for a trip to the Holy Land , get yourself and your loved ones ready. Prepare the budget; book the flights and the apartment (you may choose to do this with a travel agency). Enjoy experiencing the Holy Land while you are there. And come back refreshed, changed J

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