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Posted Jun 13 2009 12:25am
Kayla has transitioned out of Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) services. This is a service she received from birth to age three and then she goes to preschool. She's been with this center pretty much since she was about 5-6 wks old. She's had the same PT and ST since that time. She has had 2 different OTs (the first from 5 months to 20 months old) and the second from that point on. She's had a few different Early Interventionist "teachers" since she started. She started attending the ECI "class" when she was 15 months old. She was going 1 day a week first for 1.5 hrs, then 2, then 3 hrs.

Last Friday they had a "graduation" for the kiddos who were transitioning to preschool. It's hard to believe 3 yrs has passed and she won't be going there anymore, or seeing these therapists anymore. It was bittersweet, knowing she's been there for so long, but knowing it's time to move on and preschool will be good for her. Here are some pictures from the graduation.

This one was actually from the day before the graduation (with her ST and Early Interventionist - the day they decorated cookies)

With her OT

One of the teachers from the classroom

Getting her "certificate" and goodie bag

On second thought, I don't want that piece of paper, I just want this goodie bag!

With yet another therapist ... mom!

and dad too of course!

And now today my baby starts preschool. She'll still go for 3 hrs, but it'll be 4 days a week instead of the one day when she was at ECI. And the preschool is on base, which is a lot more convienent. She'll still receive ST, OT, and PT, but it'll be different therapists and it'll be at the school instead of the house. She'll ride a bus (whenever the bus company calls to let me know the schedule!)

Last week 2 of the teacher's came to the house so Kayla could be familiar with them and on Tues we had an "open house" at the school so she could see the room. She didn't want to go in the room at first and kept pulling away saying 'no' but I carried her in there and after a few minutes she got down to explore the room. We're off this morning for preschool and I hope it goes ok since she's been in the room now!

Funny thing is I don't feel as emotional about it as I thought I might. Maybe it's because I've been dropping her off at the ECI center once a week and leaving her there, so this feels similar. I'm just dropping her off 4 days instead of 1. Maybe I'll be more emotional when it's kindergarten? And who knows, I may come back and tell you I was a blubbering mess after I dropped her off!

Of course I'll try to get some pics this morning and update later!
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