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Transitional Struggles

Posted Feb 05 2014 8:39am

I have some good news, and I have some bad news, folks.

The good news is that Jonah loves school. Like, excited to go, runs into class without looking back at me, and when he’s off for a milliion days in a row because of the Polar Whoretex Vortex, asks to go back.

jonah daddy bowling 2

The other good news (random) is that he beat us all at bowling this weekend. I want one of those ramps!

The bad news is that since he’s started school, he’s been a holy terror at home. Holy. TERROR. He’s whiny, grumpy, fussy, and completely unreasonable. He would rather fuss and scream about something before asking. He gets set off by little things and has a hard time calming down.

What has happened to my easy-going boy?

My guess is, since Joshua grew horns and red eyes for about 8 weeks after he started kindergarten  (and ohemegee you have to click that link to see how CUTE AND LITTLE he was! And also, that people once actually commented on this blog.) and since Sophie DIDN’T SLEEP (that. was. horrible.) for about 8 weeks after she started preschool , that we are just in for a few weeks of grumpy transition time.

I’m trying not to freak out about it…but it has made my life much more difficult these past couple weeks. He even threw a giant fit at speech therapy yesterday (which he had to miss two weeks in a row because of the aforementioned weather tramp) which he has not done since like, his 2nd session 8 months ago. Because he LOVES speech. His SLP was like….”Uh, who is this kid?” It was bad.

So, who has advice? What should I do? Toddler tranquilizers? Hypnosis? Drink lots of Mountain Dew and eat lots of chewy Sweet Tarts (for me, not him) until this too passes? Please tell me you’ve all been here before and we’ll both come out ok!

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