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Posted Jun 13 2009 12:26am
Remember the popular toy from the 80s - Transformers?

They're making a major motion-picture with the working title Transformers: The Movie

So why is this so interesting to blog about? Normally it wouldn't be that interesting, for me anyway, except for this:

They are filming part of the movie this base! This base we are at, in a small town in the desert of New Mexico has a movie from Dreamworks/Paramount Pictures being filmed here.

Executive producer is Steven Spielberg, directed by Michael Bay (Armageddon, Bad Boys etc).

Some of the actors are: Michael Clarke Duncan (Green Mile, Armageddon), John Turturro, Bernie Mac, Tyrese Gibson (you can see a complete list at the link to the movie above).

So it's pretty exciting they are filming this here. They are making sure they get it right with regards to the military aspect of it. They have consultants and trainers etc...that'll be nice to see the military represented correctly!

So anyway, just my exciting news!
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