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Totally Her, Totally Me, Totally You

Posted Oct 15 2008 12:14pm

I love when new magazines or websites come out, granted I’d love for all my readers to stay at Pajama Mommy all day every day but the likelihood that would happen is zero to none. I mean I can’t blame you. Even I wander from my own page from time to time ;)

However, what is so great about this website is it is brand new. I love going to a website from the ground up, you as a reader have a better chance to influence the site in how you want it to be such as content, images, the representation of the every-day woman. Not every magazine has everything we’re looking for. If they did there wouldn’t be so many floating around. However, with new sites like they are more likely to listen to what you actually have to say then trying to tell Martha EXCUSE ME..HELLO!!

TotallyHer is not only a magazine but it also is another community for women. Similar to us I definitely recommend you joining. I will be signing up myself. Its great to talk to other women and have more than one place to call home on the internet. You can register to join the community at any time and its free!

Now to round up visitors, and well just be overall awesome (in my opinion) they are doing an amazing contest giving a way a total of $1,000!!! The contest details are super simple there will be 10 winners first, 2nd and 3rd prizes. All you need to do is register and post on the board. Every time you post you’re entered to win. I mean seriously how awesome is that. Especially if you become the top poster heck.. I will have to race you there ;)

I am definitely checking out their sections I’ll be sending my mother over to scope out their cooking section. My mother as you all know Linda is the head chef around these parks. So she’s always looking for new recipes to fatten us up with! If they are as good as they look trust us we will let you know, heck let me know if you find something awesome on there that is just to die for and I won’t be able to live with you.

They also have a MISS DIY section which I have book marked since I always love to think I’m much more capable than I am and always trying to make up stuff which turns out hideously yet I display it proudly! Their Last Minute Holiday Costumes article is definitely bookmark worthy for those busy moms.. or if you’re anything like me..procrastinator or even forgetful!

Honestly, if you just check it out and heck try to win a few extra bucks its worth the click over.. you might find you’ll be visiting there more often than you thought!

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