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Top Ten Reasons Why I Want to Take a Mulligan Today

Posted Apr 09 2009 7:16pm
Yes, a do over-I need one-but sadly I think that most of these things would just happen again on the "new Tuesday" So I should count my blessings that this Crappy Tuesday is almost over. 

1. There is snow on the ground and its April-which in itself isn't too bad, but given it was near 70 last week-is totally unacceptable.

2. My hubby's back is all out of whack and he had to call into work today-which is a big pain because they don't like it when the techs call off. 

3. The Chicken woke up with a fever of 102.5-she was miserable all day.  Thankfully I just took her temp and it is back to normal.

4. Did I mention all that snow?

5. I have the cold of epic proportions that I got from Giggles.  That child never shares anything but, this she gives me this. 

6. I have coughed so hard so many times that I regret not doing more kegals while expecting. 

7. I didn't get any laundry done & believe me we need it.

8. I whacked my head while walking around under some duct work in my 3" boots, my head is still hurting.

9. Because of said whack there is a lump-which I am sure to whack again tomorrow.

10. All of the above happened and I am much crabbier than I want to be. If I could do it over I am sure I would be thankful for things like my family, friends, home, God, etc....

If you want to see other's Top Ten list (I am sure they are much more upbeat than mine) go on over to Amanda's place & check them out!
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