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Top Reasons Why Men May Have Broken Up with Me

Posted Aug 05 2008 12:14pm
Now, most men are not exactly honest when it comes to why they don't want to sleep with you, date you or live happily ever after with you. Here are some things thatmayhave played a part. Of course, maybe I'm a little paranoid too. Not everyone is as shallow as I am.

1. Cried on a first date. More than once.

2. On a double date I once made out with the "other guy."

3. Maybe not as good at oral sex as I believe I am? Naaah.

4. Tendency to listen to the same song over and over like a hundred times.

5. Calling a guy once and when he didn't call back, called three more times just to "check in."

6. I have bad taste in shoes prefering to wear mostly black and chunky as opposed to a lady like heel.

7. Could I, God forbid, have ever had a bad smell "down there?"

8. Too needy.

9. He got a good long daylight look at my cellulite.

10. I talk too much.

11. Too many talks about "our relationship" "where it's going" "do you see yourself getting married" "how soon?"

12. Once pronounced the word lapel in a way that made it rhyme with staple.

13. Did I mention I had/have a tendency to be too needy?

14. Do you want to talk to me about my neediness? Why not? Do you not care about me?

15. Once a guy I was making out with asked me if penis size was important to me and I laughed. Not the right response seeing as I never saw said penis nor did I ever hear from the guy again.

16. Tried the "Rules." That shit can backfire.

17. Called a guy a fucking asshole on a second date.

18. Mistook a f**k buddy as a blossoming relationship and insisted he take me out to a movie. Most uncomfortable 2 hours ever.

19. Spent an entire first date talking about the guy that just broke up with me.

20. Got drunk and puked on a guy's bathmat. But he didn't break up with me, he married me.
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