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Toothpaste, Harmful?

Posted Feb 14 2012 7:55pm

You never think about toothpaste being harmful as you brush your teeth. When purchasing toothpaste, I look for:

*Something for sensitive teeth
*Leaves mouth feeling fresh
*Taste/Smells good

I never think about the chemicals, products being used, or the fact that I am digesting toothpaste twice a day – even more if I brush three times. Therefore, when I read an article regarding toothpaste being harmful, I started to worry not only about myself but my toddler. My toddler is two years old and we have been brushing her teeth since she was 18 months old. Even though we use a tiny amount, she doesn’t exactly know how to spit yet, so I know she’s digesting some. I wanted to share with Pajama Mommy Readers what to look for when purchasing toothpaste. The recommendations are by Dr. Harold Katz.

Here are a few ingredients to stay away from:

• FD|+|AMP|+|C BLUE DYE NO. 2: This commonly used toothpaste dye is
one of several on the list of additives to avoid, maintained by the
Center for Science in the Public Interest. It’s said to be linked to
learning, behavioral and health problems, severe allergic reactions,
and headaches, among other problems.

• SODIUM LAURYL SULFATE: The American College of Toxicology reports
this ingredient in cosmetics and industrial cleaning agents can cause
skin corrosion and irritation. Doses of .8 to 110 grams/kilogram in
lab rats caused depression, labored breathing, diarrhea and death in 4
out of 20 animals.

• TRICLOSAN: An anti-microbial ingredient, the federal Environmental
Protection Agency lists triclosan as a pesticide and regulates its use
in over-the-counter toothpastes and hand soaps. According to the
agency’s fact sheet, “Studies on the thyroid and estrogen effects
led EPA to determine that more research on the potential health
consequences of endocrine effects of triclosan is warranted. …
Because of the amount of research being planned and currently in
progress, it will undertake another comprehensive review of triclosan
beginning in 2013.”

• SACCHARIN AND ASPARTAME: Both of these artificial sweeteners are
on the Center for Science in the Public Interest’s list of additives
to avoid.

What to look for:

Natural Ingredients such as Aloe Vera Juice. Three types of toothpaste which are sulfate free and great to use are:

-Weleda’s Salt Toothpaste
-Tom’s of Maine

The next time you brush your teeth, check out the ingredients and be sure to look for toothpaste that will be safe for the entire family.

Information provided was taken from an article written by Dr. Katz

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