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Too Sexy Halloween Costumes

Posted Oct 15 2010 5:19am
A few years ago, I wrote about sexy Halloween costumes and how the commercialization, and sexualization of this annual event is reaching young people’s lives at an earlier age each year.


Sexy Remote Control?!


This morning, I joined Celeste Headlee and John Hockenberry on The Takeaway for a quick discussion on the trend and what it is about these sexy costumes that appeal to teens. Is it that they’re the only costumes available to them at the stores or is there an issue of self-image and self-esteem that need to be addressed if these are the types of outfits that young girls are selecting?

I don’t have a daughter but many of my friends will have to deal with this issue in the coming years. How do you handle the situation and what discussions come up when asking your daughter why it is she wants to select (if she does) a costume that you might feel is inappropriate?

Personally, I think creating your own costume and coming up with a unique idea is what Halloween should be about for kids that age. For the little ones, it’s about playing pretend and getting dressed up – and the candy! Adult versions of Halloween have unfortunately taken over so where do our teens and tweens fit in?

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