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Tomato Soup

Posted Feb 08 2013 12:00am

We had tomato soup for dinner last night. Tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. Every single time we have tomato soup, it brings back a funny, warm and fuzzy memory of one of my kids.

Said kid was in preschool, and newly enamored of packed lunches. In particular, she was mesmerized by the concept of soup in the thermos. She came home from school one day and asked me Please oh please, could I send her with tomato soup for lunch the next day?

I didn't think that this child had ever had tomato soup, but I was happy to oblige. I have the same memories of thermoses full of soup at school lunch – the thrill of opening up your thermos, and pouring out a nice, warm lunch when everyone else was eating peanut butter.

She and I went to the store, and she insisted on carrying her can of soup home by herself. As she walked, she chanted quietly to herself, "Tomato soup tomato soup, oh how I love tomato soup! Tomato soup tomato soup, oh you are so good!"

It was *super* cute.

We got home, and she begged me to please make her some tomato soup – she couldn't wait to eat it, it was so good, it was her favorite. Please mommy, please mommy, would you please make the soup?


I had this warm and cuddly vision of the two of us enjoying tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches, and so I rushed to make the soup. She sat at the table, coloring in her little book and singing her tomato soup song over and over. Tomato soup, tomato soup, how I love tomato soup. She danced in her seat, and as I approached the table with her small cup of soup, she stood up in the chair and yelled, "Hooray for tomato soup!"

I sat down to eat, and she picked up her bowl and took a drink –

And promptly spit the tomato soup all across the table, me, the wall, and the chair. "What is this stuff? It's di-gusting!"

"It's tomato soup. I thought you like tomato soup!"

"No, no, no – I hate tomato soup it's di-gusting."

Happily, she's changed her mind - who doesn't love a cup of tomato soup? Even better now that I've found a foolproof recipe and we don't rely on the canned stuff - but we still love the story.

Tomato Soup

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