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Toe Nail Falling Off

Posted Sep 21 2010 2:28am

Remember this post in July, “ Learn It The ‘Wham’ Way ” ? I was wondering if my 5 year old Binbin’s toe nail would fall off? Well, his toe nail is falling off in an unnatural way now….

Warning: The toe nail video below might not be suitable for some…..

2 months ago, the sofa fell onto his big toe. The blood clot was so much, it darken the entire big toe nail, almost became a black toe nail. But after 2 hours of swimming, the ‘black particles’ underneath the toe nail started to drop out, like dirt on our skin, after a bath.

2 days ago, he was happily playing till he accidentally kicked onto something. The already-loose-toe-nail was flipped up from the toe, leaving the half broken toe nail dangling.

If we did not cut it away, it would be really uncomfortable or even painful when he is wearing his slippers. So we did a toe nail removal process for him. It was painful to watch, but my lousy video phone might not have captured it very well. Anyway, here it is:-


So now, the next question is, will the toe nail grow back beautifully again?

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