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Toddler travel take 2

Posted Oct 20 2009 11:00am
Its been so long I have to remember where I left off….ah yes puke. Well we were past the puke by that point. Since I have so much to catch up on I’ll make this short.

Tadd in his tux. Loen was in love with the patent leather loafers

Hanging out with Aunt Mary

The twins went to the zoo with Mima and Papa Don while we were at the wedding.

Obviously they were taunting a bear with yummy looking toddler legs.

Our Lady, Queen of the Most Holy Rosary Cathedral in Toledo where Heath and Christine were married. That is such a mouthful I wonder what the abbreviated version is, The Holiest or Queen Bee?

I was horrible with taking pictures so I added a few from Photo Booth Live. At the reception rather than have disposable cameras on the table they had a photo corner with props where you could take self portraits. Since it was digital the picture would come up instantly on a big screen that played a slide show throughout the night. It was such a neat idea. Doesn’t mean the pictures weren’t getting crazy as the night went on but still a great idea.

Christine and Heath

MKM wives with the newly added Christine Maser

All in all the night was a lot of fun. It sounds as the twins also had a wild night as their grandparents took them to the outdoor fashion show in front of the hotel and let them dance on barrels. Loen changed into a more appropriate flapper dress for the occasion. These are the cell phone pictures that were sent to us during the reception.

I was exhausted and we were leaving the next morning. We got to our room and shut the door between our suite and Tamie’s. We checked the kids then quickly fell asleep. I should go into length how Derby woke up and cried (as he does every night) and we tried to let him get himself back to sleep. He ended up in our bed (again). The next thing I knew my mother in law is hovering above my head asking if everything is all right. Now I was dead asleep and a little groggy. I told her yes, the twins are asleep then I went back to sleep. The next morning the questions started to arise like “How did she get in our room?” “Why was she in our room?”. Turns out she woke up when she heard Derby crying and got up to get him. She didn’t realize we were back from the wedding and noticed the adjoining door was shut. She tried calling our cells but since they were on vibrate we didn’t hear them. Then she started to panic thinking the twins were locked in there alone and called the front desk to explain the situation. They let her in hence my awakening to her head over mine. Good times in Ohio!

Here is the part of the story that gets really good. Remember in part 1 I was SO upset over losing Derby’s angel pin? Well in the morning Tadd walked out of the hotel room but came right back in. He had something in his hand. He walked over and handed me Derby’s angel pin. It was on the carpet right in front of room. How had we missed it all the other times? How did it get there? It was amazing. It looks a little more traveled than Loen’s but I’m so happy we got it back. I guess it missed my little man.

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