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Toddler-isms and Wiggle-Iggle Friday

Posted Aug 24 2008 10:08pm
L is at that stage where she likes to count everything. Fingers, toes, eyes, teeth, EVERYTHING. You have it, she's gonna count it. So it was no surprise to me yesterday, when she sat on my lap after I arrived home from work, pulled at my scoop neck shirt, and proceeded to count my boobs.

One booby (boobie? anyone have a preference here?)...Two booby...TWO BOOBIES!!!

In her counting frenzy she pulls my shirt down a bit lower. She catches a glimpse of the whole boob...

She pauses. I know she knows what it is. We've already named all of our body parts while in the bath, so I ask her, "What's that, L?"

She glances up at me with confidence and quickly says...

Oh, that's Mommy's HIPPO ...

Yep, close enough.

As if that wasn't cute enough, she later shouts for me to get her a "bandage" because she has a boo-boo. Naturally, I first ask her to show me her boo-boo.

She does...

::photo deleted::

It's a teeny-tiny paper cut in the very tip of her middle finger. I gave her a bandage anyway. Somehow, I think she earned it.

And now on to Wiggle-Iggle Friday. This song is Spin Spin Sugar from the Sneaker Pimps. Now, you know I don't like much club type music. This song, however, I adore. Oh man, does this song bring back memories. Enjoy...

Much thanks to Frances for starting the Wiggle-Iggle Friday movement. If you would like to be part of it then pop on over there and let her know. Happy Friday!

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