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To Shred…Again?

Posted Dec 16 2009 10:05pm

Water Bottle-darrylh“Where’s my water?”

That’s all I could think. “I should have had some water over here, at least a little cup.  The first thing I’m going to do when I’m done is get a big glass of ice water and drink it down.  Right after I get over Natalie’s smug looks.  Like this is all just child’s play and she’s wondering when we’ll get to the hard stuff.  She probably has a bottle of water somewhere….”

What am I talking about?  The Shred. Yes, you know, the 30-Day Shred that I failed miserably at time and again.  My follow-through with it has been for crap in truth.  I keep starting it with the best of intentions and seem to hardly be able to get past Level 1 because I allow life to get in my way and me to be last.  But not this time.

On Twitter, my sanity-keeper, two friends, Amber of Crazy Bloggin’ Canuck (aka @CrazyCanuckBlog) and JoAnn of The Casual Perfectionist (aka @CasualPerfect) kept me on the straight and narrow…little did they know.  I was about to bow out.  Give in.  Bend a little and skip a day of my 30 day Shred.  Something that was bound to end in my eventual defeat and continuation of my circle of failure.  I was on Day 3.

I didn’t bow out, bend or fail.  I did it.  I loved it.

Tomorrow is day 4.  Keeping my fingers crossed.

What about you?  Do you or have you found yourself in endless struggles to accomplish a task?

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