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To my friends and family....

Posted Nov 06 2013 5:58am
To all of my family and friends...yes, even those who I know have hid me on Facebook ;) , I've been exceptionally busy trying my hardest to fix up (paint, clean, declutter, fix walls, doors, floors, and pack) our home of 18 years to sell so we can get a home tony and I fell in love with. To give our kids and ourselves some extra room (or just room in general), a better life, and just want to take that next step out of our comfort zone...because that is what I heard you're supposed to do...always go beyond your comfort zone, right? My husband has been working very long, hard hours as well. Not because we are desperate for money, but because he's good at what he does and the work is pouring in...a Godsend and a curse at the same time...a curse, only because he is swamped with work and  I can help him because I'm busy working on the house stuff and kids.
Anyhow...we are doing this all on our own and trying our best to still live life. I'm apologizing now for not being very attentive to my family and my friends...sorry for the lack of calls, small talk, Facebook  responses, and what seems like ignoring or disinterest by me...I don't mean it at all. We have a lot on our plates and we really want to make this happen. I promise that after this is all said and done, I will be a better friend, sister, daughter, aunt, acquaintance...person. So if I seem scatterbrained and aloof to you...please's not you, it's the's me, and I am truly sorry. I want to meet my friends for coffee or just sit and talk. I want to talk on the phone but between the house and the kids...eeeek..  Getting a house full of 18 years of memories...
...and 7 kids...
is really difficult...but extremely exciting! So please keep this house sale, tony, the kids and myself in your prayers and the purchase of our house we want even more in your prayers...
and pray its not a money pit...haahaa...worst.fear.ever! Pray we're doing the right thing!!! We are leaving it in Gods hands and I truly feel this is the right thing and it's meant to be!
Love you all and again...sorry for not being up to par with you all. I'm struggling with guilt from it...big time.

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