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to bite or not to bite...

Posted Feb 15 2009 12:00am

We have two biters on our hands. It is quite SCARY! Little Miss Avery & Miss Linz have taken to biting each other. They do not do it very often but they do it & it drives me CRAZY! The other day they looked like two dinosaurs attacking one another, there was no blood or marks just acting it out was enough for me. It sort of reminded me of something you would see in the Jurassic Park movie. They stood there like two dinosaurs face to face, jaws open wide. They were almost salivating like they wanted to eat one another! I do not know what I am going to do. They think it is funny & laugh when I catch them trying to bite. I am SO tired of saying "No Biting!". I guess the good thing is that they only bite one another and not other kids, when they are excited or when one of them trys to take their toy. Camryn will tattle on them if she gets bite. EACH & EVERY time she gets bit she will point to one of them and say "BITE". She knows to tell me so THEY can get in trouble. Oh what am I going to do. Lately it has all been about whether...

to bite or not to bite...

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