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To advertise or not to advertise...that is the question

Posted Aug 26 2008 4:39pm 1 Comment
I'm torn.

Part of me wants to put ads on my blog. Hey, why not make a penny or two, right?

Google ads only pay out when someone clicks on them, correct? While BlogHer ads pay out whenever someone visits your blog, but, they are often HUGE and cause your blog to load slower.

The other part of me screams don't sell out. Don't subject your readers to the commercialization of their virtual sanctuary. Which is what blogging seems to be...a virtual sanctuary from every day life.

But, I need extra income. NEED. NOW. So why not take advantage and make every penny I can, where ever I can?

((Sigh)) I don't know. I mean, how much could I possible make from ads anyway? There's that one uber-popular mommy blogger who makes mucho dinero from her blogher ads, but she gets like 100,000 hits per day on her page. I'm...well, let's just say I'm not quite there yet.

Any bloggers out there who advertise that can give me a general idea of how much your ads bring in?

Now, about extra income. I have found a way for SAHM's to make extra income. It's rather juvenile and sad, but it's income nonetheless. Paper routes. Yup, I said it. Paper routes. I used to work with a woman who had a paper route and brought in an extra $500 per month. $500 just to wake up a bit early, drive around, and hurl newspapers at people's houses. Not bad.

I checked out the website for my local newspaper and left my info so they can call me when a route near me opens up. They claim you can bring in up to $1200 per month plus incentives. We'll see...

I could wake up early before hubby has to go to work, deliver my papers, and go back to bed for an hour or so before the kiddos wake up. Now a days, most people pay via the internet so there's no collecting money or anything. Just hurl your papers and get paid.

What do ya think? Am I crazy or what?
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It is very interesting that advertising can be so deceiptful.  I didn't find that it was such a great source of extra cash and much more of a hastle.  Using the "wrong keywords" in your blog, you get some porn-type ad, even if you are a family-friendly site.  I find that there are agencies who are willing to produce the ads that the customer wants without using integrity and honesty, letting them know that they are not doing the right thing.  I appreciate someone who is willing to get down to the nitty-gritty and share the truth versus fiction, as well as the humor within your decision-making process.  My PR work at  will always be about the truth!  I just don't know if I could accept money when I knew it was going towards the promotion of something that had an impact on people in a negative way.  I know that may seem niave, but I really appreciate the bluntness of your article!  It is truthful, open, and concerning!   -Natasha @
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