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Tis the season to … fall face down in the snow

Posted Dec 21 2009 2:42am
My work Christmas do was on Friday. We started at lunchtime with a meal which was lovely and then moved on to drinking in the village.

I am now aware that;

I sent the husband texts telling him I would be home at 5pm … then 7pm … then 9pm. I arrived home at midnight.

Someone kept buying shots.

Baileys and amaretto in a shot glass tastes like marzipan.

I refused the shot which had tequila and Tabasco in it.

I spoke to my husband’s friend for half an hour and openly told him that I thought the new bar manager was watering down the vodka. He informed me that the new bar manager was, in fact, his friend.

The new bar manager gave us free vodka shots.

I gave the 3 year old’s teachers who were on their end of term social the blog address. Hello there Miss X and Miss Y!

Wearing heels instead of sensible shoes in the snow and sheet ice may not have been my best idea.

I may well have crawled into the taxi on my hands and knees and when asked what I was doing proclaimed, in a matter of fact fashion, “Getting into the taxi of course!”.

I may have fallen over whilst walking from the taxi to the front door. Face down. In the snow.

I got in at midnight but didn’t go to bed till 12.45. Other than sending texts to my sister and accidentally ringing her twice I have no idea what I was doing.

When I finally weaved into the bedroom, I was guiding myself with one eye shut.

Sunday was an 8 paracetamol day. If I’d had some ibuprofen I would have taken that too.

I have the MOST patient and understanding husband ever.

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