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Tips On How To Mow The Perfect Lawn

Posted Jul 31 2009 9:39am

sun in tall grass flickr

A s I am always being told that I am not mowing the lawn the right way by J-Mom, I really started wondering recently whether there is truly a “right” way to mow the lawn. In the past I typically go around the exterior and then work my way into the center. Recently I have tried Diagonal cuts across the lawn and like how it makes the lawn look at the end of the cutting (so maybe I will continue this).

Seeing that I am definitely not an expert on this I decided to do some research on the topic to see if there truly was a right answer to the question or not.

Grass Height and Equipment Safety:

First I started at Mowing Your Lawn the Right Way for a look at what they thought. In a nutshell they break down proper mowing technique into:

  • Proper height for grass types – I did not know that you needed to have your blade at a certain height based on whether you had Fescue or Bluegrass, etc…Did you??? Not that I even know what type of grass I actually have…
  • Safety in mowing – Some simple measures you should take to keep yourself and others safe around lawn equipment.

Mower Techniques and Maintenance:

Second, I visited How to Mow Your Lawn and found out a few other tidbits of wisdom:

  • Proper balancing of the wheels of the mower is important
  • Make sure to empty your bag frequently
  • Proper maintenance of your mower will assist in overall running of the mower.

Some Final Tips:

Finally, off to How To Mow Your Lawn which provided even further interesting information:

  • Mow in overlapping horizontal or vertical lines to get the most out of your mowing time, never in circles or spirals. (DANG IT…I am mowing the incorrect way…Don’t tell J-Mom that she was right…though she will probably read it here.)
  • Most experts also advise changing directions every couple of mowings. If you’ve mowed in horizontal lines for a few weeks, change it up and mow in a vertical pattern.
  • Mow across hills — never up and down. (with a push mower, don’t make your rider tip over on you!)
  • Never pull a push mower, as this also adds to the risk of slipping under the blades.

So, this definitely was an interesting venture into the unknown. My question for you is how do you mow? What practices have you found to be best in your household?

Flickr Photo Courtesy: sun in tall grass – sole nell’erba alta

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