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Tips for Building Self Determination

Posted Nov 22 2009 10:01pm
Making Choices
\uDBC0\uDC8A If you have a disability, learn about it.
\uDBC0\uDC8A Find your strengths, interests, and think creatively about learning styles and methods.
\uDBC0\uDC8A Have high expectations for yourself.
\uDBC0\uDC8A Explore new activities; find positive, fun things to do with your friends. Learn from your
\uDBC0\uDC8A Have a say in things that are about you.
\uDBC0\uDC8A Be open minded and listen to what people you trust have to say.

Self Advocacy
\uDBC0\uDC8A Speak up.
\uDBC0\uDC8A Take on a leadership role in something you are good at.
\uDBC0\uDC8A Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
\uDBC0\uDC8A Learn to talk about your disability. Help others to understand you and your needs.
\uDBC0\uDC8A Work on creating open, nonjudgmental relationships.

Exploring the Possibilities
\uDBC0\uDC8A Try to learn something new every day.
\uDBC0\uDC8A Volunteer in something that interests you; find new hobbies.
\uDBC0\uDC8A Find adult mentors who understand and relate to you.
\uDBC0\uDC8A Talk about your future.

Strong Self-Esteem
\uDBC0\uDC8A Write your thoughts down; describe yourself and your life.
\uDBC0\uDC8A Take steps to feel part of your community; get involved by volunteering.
\uDBC0\uDC8A Use your talents.
\uDBC0\uDC8A Involve yourself in healthy, caring relationships.
\uDBC0\uDC8A Surround yourself with people who are positive; find someone you look up to be your mentor.

Goals & Plans
\uDBC0\uDC8A Understand what a goal is and why they are important.
\uDBC0\uDC8A Think about what you want to do with your life, discuss this and other interests you have with
people who are important to you.
\uDBC0\uDC8A Make a list of your goals and the steps you need to take in order to reach them.
\uDBC0\uDC8A Be flexible and realistic about your goals.

Understand Reasonable Risks
\uDBC0\uDC8A Think about all of the benefits and consequences before you take action.
\uDBC0\uDC8A Know your support network; those people who will be there for you unconditionally.
\uDBC0\uDC8A Seek advice from others but keep in mind that sometimes the truth is not easy to hear.
\uDBC0\uDC8A Mistakes are normal and an important part of learning.

Problem Solve
\uDBC0\uDC8A Learn to take ownership of challenges.
\uDBC0\uDC8A Accept the idea that problems are part of healthy development.
\uDBC0\uDC8A Create a list of positives and negatives to help you make good decisions.
\uDBC0\uDC8A Get advice from people you trust.

Adapted from the NCSET Research to Practice Brief
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