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Tips for a January detox

Posted Dec 19 2012 2:55am

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You probably won’t need us to tell you that Christmas can be a time of excess as far as certain unhealthy habits are concerned. It’s a time when you’ll quite possibly find yourself travelling from party to party, in the process overdoing it on the chocolates, mulled wine and mince pies… which inevitably leads to many people making quick plans for a New Year detox.

Here, we detail some of our top January detox tips, from introducing the right diet to enrolling on a fitness instructor course .

Eating and drinking tips

You’d be surprised how quickly the right post-Christmas diet can thoroughly detoxify your body. When you are next shopping for food, try to make it as organic and natural as possible, steaming or lightly boiling it to ensure that the goodness is retained.

Dairy products are good to avoid at this time, with milk potentially replaced by soya or nut milks. Consume plenty of good protein alternatives like beans, lentils, seeds, quinoa and nuts. You’ll also want to drink well at this time, and to that end may want to swerve clear of alcohol, black tea and coffee. Instead, opt for herbal tea, with nettle tea helping to support the kidneys.

There’s never a time when good hydration isn’t important, but it is especially vital for your January detox, which is why you should drink no less than one litre of water per day. Fresh juices can also be invaluable, with unusual choices like beetroot, carrot, cucumber and apple helping to sustain your interest in the detox process.

Get active!

It’s time to get back into any physical activities that you may have allowed to lapse, not least as this will allow you to get the better night’s sleep that is such an important part of your detox. That’s why, before bed, a bit of Yoga or Pilates stretching can be so invaluable.

You can learn some basic Yoga techniques online, or you might decide on a Yoga retreat. There are many postures for the digestive organs that can be especially effective, including abdominal lock, spinal twists and crescent lunges.

There is, though, another thing that you can do to make your detox a breeze if you are a fitness fanatic… sign up to a course that allows you to become a personal trainer. Such a programme makes it possible for you to not only learn more about your own fitness, but also inspire other people to achieve their January detox goals.

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