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Time for some wine

Posted Dec 23 2008 9:28pm

Today was another busy day. I went to the gym in my 80's gear. See pictures above. the sad thing was no one noticed that I was wearing anything unusual. Pretty scary! We also went to All Things Made in China, aka Target's dollar bin so the girls could pick out something to buy with their Halloween money from their grandparents. Ella picked out a paint by number thing and Claire picked out a necklace. Their choices were perfect for them, Ella the artist and Claire the accessory girl. Claire may be missing a few brain cells now that I caught her sucking on her necklace. Nice!

We also went to the costume parade at Nordstrom. I was disappointed, they gave out the crap candy. The mints, Laffy taffy, I guess the economy must be bad when even Nordstrom can't fork out a little extra cash for some decent candy. FYI if you are planning to come to my house for trick or treating, too will find the Nordstrom cast offs. I ate the good stuff after Ella's last tantrum. Now for a glass of wine....
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