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Thursday 13 #4: Vanna, May I buy an A?

Posted Jan 14 2009 8:03pm

Thirteen Things related to the Letter A

1.... My name begins with A so I was always at the beginning when chosen alphabetically by name in school. That was NOT always a good thing.:)

2....I love good, crisp, chilled apples. No mush! Right now, Gala and Pink Ladys are my favorite varieties.

3....I had appendicitis in the spring of 2006 and had to have my Appendix out...ugh!

4....I love to watch American Idol with my hubby and I was just fine with Brooke going home since it was only a matter of time.

5....My favorite color is Aubergine. Yes, I could say eggplant as Kim mentioned but where would be the fun in that?:)

6....My Mom makes the best applesauce. She uses fresh Granny Smith apples and it is always chunky and delicious!

7....It seems hard to believe that P3 will be 2 in August. She learns new things every day and is really building her vocabulary.

8....P1 is yet again absent from school today as she spiked a wicked fever last night along with a juicy cough. Thankfully, I think the fever has done it's job and burned itself out so hopefully she will be a-okay tomorrow. After all, she has a concert to give!

9....I confess that I hated Algebra and did miserably with it until Linear Algebra in college. Then I had a professor who took the time to ACTUALLY EXPLAIN why you cannot divide by zero (instead of saying, "It is a rule in mathematics. You just can't.") and I have realized math is not so bad after all.

10... Austria is one of my favorite countries. I visited there when I lived in Paris and again when I went to Europe with Mom. It is gorgeous and the people are lovely. I would go visit again in a heartbeat!

11...I cannot stand the Abercrombie & Fitch ads! They need to get the proverbial room! For a clothing store they show way too much skin - not that I do not enjoy it but they target an age group that does not need that in their face day in and day out.

12...My favorite high-end car is the Audi A-4...preferably in midnight blue.:)

13...I feel absolutely lousy today because my kids decided to share their illness. Aren't they giving??

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