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Throwing Tantrum

Posted Sep 13 2008 1:01am

I wonder when a child likes to throw his/her tantrum, is it born or learnt?

Since Isabel was born, whenever she is not happy, even slightly, she’d just throw her tantrum - from day 1 of her life in the hospital!

She does all those things that a child would do when throwing tantrum. She screams, pulls her hair, scratches her face, pulls her ears, kicks everything, hits her own body/stomach with her hands, arches her back, etc.

In fact, it is quite scary seeing her does these. You just can’t believe that a lovely girl can do all these things so violently!

Sometimes, we get very stressed with it, especially when we are driving. She can do this just because she is sleepy. Unlike Ian who just sleeps quietly, Isabel has to ‘announce’ it by all those tantrum acts, and the next moment she’d be asleep.

Sometimes these tantrum acts can last for the whole journey from MIL’s house to home (c. 30 min). Sometimes shorter - if she manages to sleep before the trip ends.

She wouldn’t ‘get tired of crying’ and stop. We thought she would, but she would scream, cry, etc until she loses her voice, and she still continue doing it with the 豆沙喉. I suspect her throat infection is caused by this!

I wonder if she will be difficult to care when she grows older?? Hopefully not.

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