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Three Boys and a Princess Show: Shobak and Merry Christmas Jenny

Posted Aug 19 2012 11:06am
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I love music in the sense that I love the drama behind it..I love the emotion on the song, hence I am more inclined to musicals (and sometimes rock) than any other genre. Husband on the other hand loves almost anything classic..but mostly 80′s..

and the kids!

oh they love Shobak.. Merry Christmas Jenny, Someday and The Show.. those are their favorite song.. Someday has been our anthem for the past few weeks, watching it on youtube for more than 3x a day..

Someday aka Mean by Taylor Swift.. the music grows on me and I love the lyrics.. talk so much about bullying and how to cope up with it, not to mention the video’s really cute and Taylor’s lips is sooo full! I want that shade!

Shobak is a song that took me an hour to figure out what it really means..

Sati: Mommy, nood tayo ng shobak.
Mommy: Anong shobak?
Sati: ung shobak sa computer! shobak!
Mommy: after thinking for an hour.. ahh shobak!

and to why it was called SHOBAK, I will leave that to your imagination haha

Now for the Merry Christmas Jenny.. don’t waste your time looking for that song.. because it’s all about a boat…

Row, row, row your boat
Jenny, Jenny, Jenny
Merry Christmas

That’s Chico’s version of Row, Row, row your boat wahahaha

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