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This Week's Workout Plan

Posted Feb 16 2011 9:20am
So, after I posted last week's workout plan , I really liked that it made me accountable for everything I said I was going to do.  Even on the day that maybe I had a headache from a little wine the night before, I still went out and did it because I said I was going to.  So, here is my plan for this week/weekend.  I hope I can keep to it!

First, I'm going to start by going to the Chiropractor today.  I want to get my hip checked because after swimming, skiing, running, and snowshoeing, I just want to be sure everything is working right.  I was feeling a little off Monday and Tuesday.  I was supposed to swim yesterday but I was scared because of a little pain, so I decided to play it smart and just walk and do core building exercises.  In case you don't know my history, I strained my hip 2 months ago (for the 3rd time), and I am rehabbing it.  As long as the Chiro says I'm still good to go, this is my plan (you'll notice it is less ambitious than last week).
*Update - Dr. Dana Gave me the thumbs up (thanks).  Now I have to stick to my plan!

Tonight - Walk at least 5 miles with Training Partner.

Thursday - Run between 3.5 and 4.5 miles (it's going to be 60, I may run longer depending on hip).

Friday - Swim

Saturday - Mostly taking the day off but probably going on a light hike with the kids and my Hoosier friends who will be visiting up.  I need to add in core building, so I'll do that throughout the day.

Sunday - Run again, I don't know how far, but I plan on running.

Monday - Day off, kids don't have school.  Seems like another good day for core exercises.

Tuesday - Not sure yet.  I'd like to get in the pool and add in another long walk with my training partner.  If the weather is good, a run may happen.

What are your plans?

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