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This Man That I Love

Posted Jul 11 2008 7:10pm
You see this man, in this picture right here?
He just so happens to be the love of my life. It amazes me sometimes how good he is to me and I can only thank God for this blessing that he has allowed me to become one with. Mark is my best friend, my comforter, biggest and loudest cheerleader, and the only man besides my dad who has loved and accepted me unconditionally. And everywhere we go, if there's a flower he is going to pick it and put in my hair...... Sounds too sugary sweet doesn't it?

He doesn't try to change me, unless its a something that God has given him that makes me a better wife, mother, employee, saint, or over all person. He's extremely patient with me because he knows me, I mean really knows me and I am the coolest wife ever in his eyes. Plus he makes me feel like a 5-star chef all the time even when its just a simple sandwich. He didn't know it until now that I hear him continuously validating me when he talks to me while he thinks I'm asleep. We both are ridiculously silly and goofy and I love that I can let my guard down without criticism or rebuke and he makes me laugh even when I don't want to, me makes me and I love him for it.

Mark posing with the piranhas

I'll give you another example. Today he's leaving out of town for three days to attend a conference. I have been feeling really bad with horrible lower back spasms all weekend and I took something for it and was totally out of it last night and this morning. I really wanted to get up and have breakfast and spend quality time together before he left,but I couldn't shake the pain I was feeling. He never got angry, he insisted that I stay in bed, and he sent me the most loving email today validating his appreciation for me. The fact that he considers me makes me cry.

During our courtship, we didn't sit together during church services. We wanted to remain solely focused on the messages because our courtship was such a time of spiritual consecration. But this Sunday was our first service as a family and to see him with the girls brought tears to my eyes. They don't even know me anymore. They are so in love with him and they feel safe and comfortable with the fact that even at their young age they can see that he loves their momma.

I'm so glad I waited on God for my husband and I am eternally thankful that I didn't try to pick my husband myself because I would have as I did in the past short-changed myself.

Keep us in your prayers as we strive to blend together and continue to form our family as God would have us. People are continuously telling us that our happiness is just the "honeymoon phase." But we both know that God designed marriage to outlast what the pessimist and nay-saysers perceive as short lived honeymoon bliss.We believe and claim that this feeling will last as our vows reflect- "till death do us part."

Below is one last picture; taken on our honeymoon of me and my precious DH.

Love ya babe!

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