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this is your family.....this is your family on drugs

Posted May 10 2009 10:42pm
another depressing blog coming at you on this mother's day.

first let me say i had a wonderful day. gabby is the sweetest girl on the universe. she could not wait to give me my mother's day card, my gifts (thank you nana) and lots of hugs, kisses and happy mother's days. the girls, my parents and i then had a great brunch in old town sitting outside. then mom, the girls & i went to visit grandma and of course eat more! i just put gabby to bed and she gave me the biggest hug followed by "happy mother's day mommy"...she's 2.5 people, 2.5!

so i decide to download my camera for the first time since we made the move out here. of course there are pictures and videos of the snow storm we had in indy 10 days before our lives took a 180. you'll notice the happy, normal, involved, fatherly voice in the back ground...

so take this as my public service announcement. addiction is a ruthless, home wrecking bitch. it's a lifelong battle with no cure. any addict in recovery whether it's 2 days, 2 years or 20 years is only one choice away from turning their lives upside down.

take that and do whatever you wish with it. what i'm doing with it is working hard everyday to raise my kids not to be manipulators and teach them that they can't always get their way in life. addiction starts way before the first drink, smoke, snort, whatever. it's a selfish disease that feeds on selfish people - most of whom are brilliant and loving.

one day i plan to share my ramblings with my girls. hopefully they will be able to really understand why i had to take them away. i'm prepared to go through some tough years and be the punching bag - but if it means they don't have to remember the hell i've been through then it's worth it.

so here's to mothers. we're not perfect, we're not saints....but we sure do take a lot of shit to protect our babies. so for this we deserve a day...hell we deserve a month!

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