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This Heat Rash Is Here To Stay

Posted Jul 08 2010 12:00am
Oh, where to begin? Well. It's hot here! It's really really hot. Yesterday it hit ninety eight degrees at one point. (My OB: "Really just lay around and take it easy this week while it's so humid. No yard work, no heavy housework." Me: "Oh ok. I guess if I MUST!") It's bearable, as long as you just stay inside or in the water. Being in hot cars is the worst, really, so I kind of just don't want to go anywhere. We were supposed to have a playdate at a little public spray park today, which I was super excited for because I was all prepared to bust out the maternity bathing suit and get in there myself. Alas, both kids were up all night with pretty high fevers, so that plan got scratched. Instead we are laying around on the couches eating ice cream for lunch and watching Spider Man for the thirtieth time since Eli first developed his boy-crush on Peter Parker. I'm starting to hate the sound of Tobey Maguire's voice.

Eli has entered the love-of-costume-wearing phase that Addy went through around age three. The one in which I let her wear her Tinkerbell outfit everywhere because... I dunno. It just didn't seem like a hill to die on, and she DID make a good Tinkerbell. Eli has a Spiderman ensemble that is ever so slightly more raggedy than Addy's costume, consisting of dingy red cotton shorts, hand me down Spiderman slippers, a red Spiderman baseball cap, and a pretty awesome Spiderman shirt complete with WEBS under the arms. The two messages it conveys are: RED, and SPIDERMAN RULES ALL. Anyways, he wants to wear it every day, so I'm trying to remember to wash it every night and have it at the ready for him. I mean, what the heck. It's not much effort to make a small kid so very, very happy. (Seems like he could reciprocate that mindset by pooping on his potty on a regular basis and thus make ME so very very happy, but, whatevs. Ingrate.)

Also! I forgot to say anything about my twenty four week appointment, but the ultrasound went really well. The tech kept laughing when she found out she was supposed to be checking for intrauterine growth restriction, and saying things like, "Um, yeah... he's definitely not growth restricted. Look at that big belly on him! Ha ha ha!" Which on the one hand is quite reassuring and on the other hand- how big is this kid going to be?! I've never actually had a baby that could be described as "on the large side," but those were the words I heard her say. Of course, she also said my cervix was "just barely long enough," so if that means possible preterm birth like with Addy, then I'm really glad that the baby's putting on weight quickly!

So that was a good visit, but then I got to missing them- it HAD been a whole week and a half since I last saw them, and I just worry that they're not getting enough of our money- so I went back yesterday so they could check out a weird, painful lump in my neck that I naturally assumed to be a blood clot or a tumor, but which is in fact just a swollen lymph node. I, uh, didn't actually know there were lymph nodes in your neck. I thought it was just armpits. Wow. Guess I have a ways to go before I realize that dream of being a CNM...

Anyways, there was also fluid in my ear, so they put me on antibiotics to nip what probably would have been the beginnings of an ear infection in the bud. I had been feeling a little dizzy on and off, actually, but just chalked it up to the heat until my neck started hurting. So yeah, this is one occasion where I don't feel dumb for having gone to the doctor, because, ha ha! That would have been super cool if I had gotten another inner ear infection/severe vertigo complete with vomiting while pregnant, huh? Ha ha ha! (That's me laughing crazily because seriously I think I would have gone slap out of my mind. I am not that strong, at least not when it comes to vomiting.)
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