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This Hacking Cough Mingle

Posted Nov 18 2009 10:03pm

sickag5 What a title, eh?  Try living it?  There is time when I can’t catch my breath because I’m coughing to much.  Nothing works as far as cough medicine goes. I’ve got it, tried it and I’m not going to spend another dime on crap that doesn’t work.

Thanks to this lovely cough I sound like Robert Barone on crack.  It’s fan -tabulous!  Here’s to hoping it’s not the flu, regular or H1N1.

In other news, I promised, pinky swore actually, that I would participate in Monday Mingle. Because I sound so horrible, I’m not going to vlog, rather I’ll just stick to blogging!

The questions…

1. Have you ever had any surgeries or have you spent more than one night in a hospital? What for? (only if you want to tell, of course!) – I’ve only been in the hospital when pregnant and ready to have a child.
2. Does your spouse do any of the cooking? Is he/she a good cook? Be honest… Not much if any and no.
3. Do you speak any foreign languages fluently? What (if any) foreign language did you take in school? Nope!
4. What are your best budgeting/saving money tips? Shop clearance.  Even if you have to hold on to the item until next season (winter coats), it does save some cash!
5. What are a few of your worst habits?  I’m perfect.  I have no bad habits!  Ha!  Actually, the worst habit I have is picking at the skin of my cuticles.  I hate doing it, can’t tell you why I do it, but can’t stop.

There you have it.  Monday Mingle!  If you’d like to participate, head over to Eighty MPH Mom and join in!

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