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"Thirteen Feels Like Tired"

Posted Oct 25 2012 12:00am

That's what he said to me this morning, when I woke him with the words, "Happy birthday, Gabe!"

He doesn't like to get up for school. (Pssst - got a secret for you, kiddo - none of us do!)

He's smart and sharp and got a style of his very own. When he went away for his yearly trip with my mom, he capped off the outfit with just the right piece of flair.

"Thirteen Feels Like Tired"

He's tried wearing contacts and he's not a fan, but he's got some really gorgeous eyes.

"Thirteen Feels Like Tired"

He's funny and goofy and a completely boy type child. He makes faces, laughs at fart jokes and lives, breathes and sleeps Legos and Minecraft.

I prefer Minecraft - somewhat - just because I don't step on them.

"Thirteen Feels Like Tired"

Happy Birthday, Big Man. You are now a teenager. If hisory is anything like it's been, the next few years will force us to put on our seatbelts and hold on for dear life.

I hope your life is filled with Legos, books, laughs, friends, music, more books, pizza, chocolate cake, nut free cookies, Ninjago, MInecraft, Creepers, and even more books.

Mommy loves you.

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